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International Cargo

International Cargo

Crossing international borders involves some special treatment of goods being ferried across. While taking individuals across borders involves some amount of visa processing, taking goods across borders requires permits. You can be sure of getting permits for your goods if you come to us. We specialize in moving cargo and other goods across international borders.

The most popular means of moving goods across borders is the air mode, but the sea mode of transport is used when large consignments are to be moved. This proves to be quite economical, and you can be sure of delivery of your goods, although it is going to take some time. This is why it is not recommendable to take perishable items by sea mode. Food items like fresh fruits and vegetables are best transported using air transport.

You may be a bit wary of meeting customs and other officials when you take your goods across international borders. Leave everything to us when you come to us for some help at this front. We take care of everything ensuring a smooth flow of your goods through borders. The only point of caution is that illicit drugs or firearms are not permitted. You are not to include them in the cargo to be taken across borders.

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